No Spending Challenge – Days 1 – 10


Days 1 through 10 are under my belt and I’m feeling very good about the month of no spending.  I have only made one purchase for the cash car. A friend of Mr. Fancy’s is doing work on the car to get it up to par and he said he would do some additional work (that it already needed) for free if we just bought the actual products.  So I bought about $50 worth of car items since we were going to have to pay for it anyway, this way it was infinitely cheaper.

My financed car had low tire pressure, so instead of paying $1 or so for gas, I borrowed my dad’s membership card to one of the local gas stations to get free gas. After filling up the tires with air, we realized that there was a nail in my tire. Naturally, I thought I needed a new tire, but thankfully Mr. Fancy assured me that the tire could be patched. We went to our local Discount Tire and they patched it for free! Who knew!?

Also, I have a tip for anyone who wants to drink for free during “No Spend July”. Volunteer. Mr. Fancy and I volunteer at our local market when they have special events (this is the same market where I work on Saturdays). Your “payment” for volunteering is a couple of free beer tickets. The beauty of the situation is that your job is to pour beer. What I’m saying is that you get drunk for free and then you give your unused free beer tickets to the awesome crepe lady who makes amazing vegan crepes. That is my gem of wisdom for the day.

To my dismay, Mr. Fancy had the bright idea of taking salsa dancing lessons. I literally loathe dancing. So. Much. I thought I could use the excuse of it being “No Spend July” to get out of it, but alas Mr. Fancy found a dance studio that has a free beginner night. Of course! Only I would have such luck!

One interesting thing thing that I’ve noticed is that when you make up your mind about having a no spend *insert amount of time here*, your brain changes the way it thinks about purchases. In a way, it’s an extension of minimalism of the mind. My brain now doesn’t even think of purchasing items. It’s one less thought that runs through my brain. And if it does come up, it is very quickly shut down. If you aren’t completely into it, you’ll waver and then eventually just start spending like normal. But if you get serious about it, it’s a bit easier.

No Spending Challenge

So here I am. I’m going to attempt to pay off my student loans in the next year in addition to getting rid of my car payment. I will be officially debt free after that. I literally can’t imagine what it feels like to have no debt. 

Part of my problem is that I don’t make huge purchases that take huge chunks out of my bank account. I have a lot of small purchases that add up and I’m left with a lot less money at the end of the month.

My solution to this is to have a “no spending” month. I’m also going to start my cash envelope system as well to pay for the necessary food and gas (I unfortunately do not live in a city where biking and public transportation are safe options to go to my job). I will have to make do with what is already in my possession. I will only buy food when I run through what we already have in the house. I will also buy in bulk when possible and make the majority of my food from scratch to help keep costs down. My fridge inspiration can be found here.

My goal is to try it out for the month of July and to write about it publicly and as frequently as possible. I want to remember the difficult moments as well as the awesome moments. I would like to continue the trend past July, but I’m starting out with a smaller goal per Leo Babauta’s advice.


  1. Carpool to work with Mr. Fancy to cut down on gas consumption.
  2. Empty my fridge and pantry as much as possible before going grocery shopping.
  3. Ride my bike to the grocery store when possible.
  4. Ride my bike to my parents house.
  5. No more buying cute bags and jewelry at the arts market (sad face)
  6. Try my hardest to find a substitute or just do without before buying any necessities around the house.
  7. Never, never, never buy lunch at work (I’m already good about this but I tend to splurge if I’ve had a bad day or something).
  8. Only get books from the library on my kindle. No more buying kindle books.
  9. No iTunes purchases.

These are my starting points. I will undoubtedly add more as the month passes. Wish me luck!

Project 333 – Q3 2015

Why hello there. I really don’t like shopping for clothes anymore. The last items of clothing I purchased were for when I started my new job last summer. I’ve purchased a “new to me” work out top since then in addition to some underpants. I also got a wedding dress that is just a normal dress I can wear to nice events (to which I receive invitations VERY frequently. Jk.). But that’s it. So here’s my list of clothing items for this quarter.

  1. Black pencil skirt
  2. Blue dress
  3. Polka dot sweater
  4. Black pants
  5. White button down shirt
  6. Blue and white striped button down shirt
  7. Jeans
  8. Black maxi dress
  9. Heart cardigan
  10. White Peter Pan collar top
  11. Black cardigan
  12. Black tank top
  13. Black flowy top
  14. White flowy top
  15. Green flowery scarf
  16. Navy scarf
  17. Harry Potter scarf (don’t judge me)
  18. Striped asymmetrical dress
  19. Yellow and white skirt
  20. Sandals
  21. Black booties 
  22. Converse
  23. Wellies 
  24. Black leggings

I’m still working on certain items that I tend to buy (handmade jewelry and bags). But I’m going to watch myself like a hawk now. I’m embarking on a no spending challenge for July so that should curb the purchases that I do make.