Leaving My Job

Most people thought I was completely insane when I told them I had put in my two weeks notice. It’s interesting how our culture has an obsession with needing to have some crap job that you don’t care about so you can make lots of money (or not) and then when your retire, you have the chance of being happy.

My situation was probably a bit different than most. Most people are just bored with their jobs or just don’t really care about what they’re doing. I was in a situation where I was being completely mistreated because I am mildly intelligent and care about doing the right thing. Unfortunately, some people see intelligence as a threat. I was told that I should not take the abuse personally by those instigating the abuse. Let me go on record as saying that is complete and utter bullshit. My advice to anyone who literally hates waking up because it means they have to go to work is to quit and take your talents elsewhere. Hand in your two weeks notice and get the hell out of there.

It took me quite a while to get up the courage to do it, but it had gotten so bad that I didn’t really have a choice anymore. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown and that was what pushed me to the point when I gave my notice. Anyone who abuses you and then tells you to not take it personally can go straight to you-know-where. They are not worth another moment of your precious time on this earth. Do not allow them to ruin your life because you will regret it. You will absolutely not regret doing what’s right for you.

When you finally do what is right for you, the universe has a way of opening up and you just have to be willing to see it. I had opportunities open up for me the same day that I put in my notice.

During this process, I stumbled across a quote that fit perfectly into where my life was going: “let go of what no longer serves you”. Just let it go.

Taking Out the Trash

There are few things that I loathe more than taking out the trash. I don’t know if it’s laziness or a sheer dislike for garbage, but I avoid it at all costs. This is probably why my trash can always ends up overflowing because I don’t want to take it out.

As simple as it is, I’m excited that one day I will no longer have to take out the trash. I’ve already drastically cut down how much trash I produce and I know that I’m on the right path towards not producing any waste.

It got me thinking about the fact that we spend so much time doing things like taking out the trash, sitting in traffic, waiting in line etc. The fact is that we don’t need to be spending time on the things. We have built up this idea in our society that we have to have trash to throw away, or we have to have that thing at midnight and stand in line for hours to get it when in reality we don’t need to be wasting our time on those things.

We have burdened ourselves with crap. That’s the most eloquent way I can say it. It is freeing to not have to worry about returning an item before the 30 day limit stated on the receipt runs out, or waiting on the UPS man to deliver your latest Amazon purchase, because you didn’t buy that thing in the first place. Let go of the crap and do something with your time that you actually care about.


Project 333 – 3rd Quarter of 2014

For this installment of Project 333, I have 30 items, including shoes and accessories.  My items are:

1. Gold watch
2. Cheetah print flats
3. Faux leather sandals
4. Grey and white striped shirt
5. Navy with white stripes shirt
6. White with navy stripes shirt (do you see a pattern?)
7. Beige with navy polka dots cotton sweater
8. Red floral scarf
9. Green floral scarf
10. Navy scarf
11. Black tank
12. Princess Monster Truck tank
13. Navy tank
14. Grey tank
15. Navy cardigan with red hearts
16. Chartreuse cardigan
17. Black trousers
18. Black pencil skirt
19. Purple jeans
20. White v-neck t-shirt
21. Black cardigan
22. Black doleman shirt
23. Black leotard top
24. Striped asymmetrical maxi dress
25. Black and grey maxi dress
26. Grey tank dress
27. Pink and white blouse
28. Grey blouse
29. Converse
30. Black and white tank/blouse

It was interesting to me how there are a few items in this wardrobe that I haven’t worn since last year or maybe the very beginning of this year.  It makes me wonder why we still keep certain clothes. Maybe this means I’ll wear them more often since they’re my only option, or maybe I’ll give them away an get something that is more functional for my life.


As with everything, my mother is in the know way before I am. She told me about Joshua Fields Millburn’s latest post on The Minimalists. His birthday is this weekend and he wanted to raise $10,000 for Charity: Water. In less than 15 hours, he surpassed the $10,000 mark. It really makes you realize that one gesture and one person can really make a difference. I hope to be as selfless and awesome one day.


I have two new lady crushes. They are the authors of No Trash Project and Zero Waste Home. They are my new inspiration. Zero Waste Home has some of the simplest but most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went out of town and while we were driving to and fro, we passed a couple of landfills. I don’t know why, but in that particular moment, it struck me how wasteful I still am even though I’m striving to have fewer things and lead a simpler life.

Not that getting rid of things you don’t need is easy, but in a way, it can be completed quite rapidly.  Creating little to no waste is a long process.  I don’t want to just throw away all of my food that contains packaging because that would defeat the purpose.  It’s more about what you bring into your home once you’ve made up your mind that this is what you’re going to do. It’s been difficult for me because I have the type of personality where I want to fix the issue entirely in one go and it is just not possible to do.  Part of me feels like I’m failing at it, even though I’m not.

This also has made me think about waste in other areas of my life, not just physical trash.  I’ve thought about what activities I do that are wasteful of my time.  I’ve thought about what relationships are wasteful because I feel drained after spending time with that person.  I’ve thought about how my job is wasteful because it adds no value to my life (other than a paycheck, and we all know that isn’t everything).  Waste is everywhere and I think that it’s when we are finally able to really see it for what it is that we can make the changes that get it out of our life.

Little changes I’ve already made:

  • I’ve switched to solid shampoo and conditioner bars.  No more plastic bottles.  When I’m out I’ll just reuse my little tin and put another solid shampoo/conditioner in there.
  • I’m using up all of the food in my cabinets before I buy more.  I have a gift for buying food and letting it go bad before I even eat it.
  • Using cloths to clean up rather than paper towels.
  • Instead of immediately throwing something away, asking myself if I could reuse it in another form.
  • I plan on utilizing bulk goods with my own reusable bags rather than buying the version that comes in plastic.